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Expert Services Across the Software Development Lifecycle

Web Development

Craft stunning, conversion-driven websites with pixel-perfect design & seamless UX.

Mobile Development

Build captivating apps for iOS & Android. Leverage native features, optimize performance, and engage users on the go.

Generative AI

Unlock the power of AI for unique content creation, data-driven insights, and transformative solutions. Let's explore possibilities.

Custom Biz Solutions

Partner with our experts to build tailor-made software that empowers your business. Boost efficiency, achieve goals, & solve unique challenges.


Piotr Zientara

CEO Xfaang

As a CEO, impressed by Wyxan's dedication & React expertise. Efficient, scalable apps, always available & tackles issues head-on. Responsibility & top-notch work set them apart. A true asset!

Jason Prado

Director of Platform The Drivers Cooperative

Wyxan joined us with new tech hurdles, but quickly mastered our codebase & showed consistent productivity. A joy to work with, curious & open to feedback. Their engineering skills grew leaps & bounds in our time together.

Amir Mughal

CTO & Cofounder Devorbis

Wyxan shines with professionalism & respect: meticulous planning, nails deadlines.

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